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Handlebar Bicycle Club sponsors regularly scheduled rides throughout the year offering a range of paces and routes for every cyclist.  A one time ride waiver is required and on file to participate in our group and event rides. Access to club rides and various GPS sponsored routes are available for the latest rides, events and locations.

Each rider is required to complete and sign a waiver prior to riding in a sponsored group ride. 

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Detailed list of all organized rides offered by the club throughout the year.

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A repository of GPS routes  for each of the organized rides.


A comprehensive list of bicycle rides in and around Texas.

Find a group ride in your area.



Handlebar Bicycle Club offers several pace classifications and multiple route options for each of our organized weekly rides. We encourage each rider to choose the group that best fits their knowledge, fitness and ability to maintain the required pace. Choosing the correct pace group will ensure a fun and safe experience.

Ride Group Definition:

The main group of riders in a ride also called a Peloton. Aim for 10 riders or less per group. Groups below are designed to allow enough overlap between groups as riders skills and abilities develop.

A Group: 23+ mph Group Pace.

For riders preparing for races. Pulls are 23-30 mph /computer average 23+ mph.

Objective: Training for upcoming races.


B+ Group: 21 -24mph Group Pace. For advanced riders. Pace lines, tight packs, no surging and rest stops. Pulls are 19-22 mph/computer average 20-21 mph.

Objective: Highest avg speed while working as a team.

B Group: 19 - 21 mph Group Pace. For intermediate riders.

Pace lines, tight packs, no surging re-grouping as needed, rest stops. Pulls are18-20 mph /computer average18-19 mph.

Objective: Highest avg speed while working as a team.

C Group: 16-18 mph Group Pace.

For new riders or riders developing skills and endurance. Pace lines, practice group riding skills, re-grouping as needed, rest stops. Pulls are14-17 mph /computer average 15-16 mph.

Objective: Fun, fitness and friendship while being safe.


If you ride by yourself and think 15 mph is too fast, group riding typically adds 1-2 mph to average.

C Group Safety:

First 5 minutes of ride will cover rider safety, hand signals and group riding basics.

Explanatory: 17 mph should be by exception (i.e., strong tailwind or downhill requiring less effort).

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