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Handlebar Cyclery is proud to sponsor Handlebar Bicycle Club through a discount structure.

All members will receive various types of discounts and coupons at Handlebar Cyclery. This will be tracked with the Loyalty Program that Handlebar Cyclery uses, members will need to sign up for the loyalty program to be eligible for the discounts. It is responsibility of each member to sign up on the reward program at Handlebar Cyclery.

Handlebar Cyclery promotes cycling within the community; so, the discount will vary on the level of volunteering involvement of each member at the various club volunteering activities.


All Member received 1 reward point per every $1 spent at Handlebar Cyclery, and exchange the points for coupons available

Volunteer One Time: and get coupons for less points

Volunteer Two Times: and get coupons for even less points.

This is per calendar year; all members go back to regular member status at the beginning of every year. Loyalty points are not retroactive, they start accumulating as soon as you signup on the loyalty program.


Handlebar Cyclery Management

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