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Handlebar Bicycle club is honored to be sponsored by West Houston Internal Medicine. We value all our sponsors and encourage new sponsorship into our club each year. We urge you to continuing supporting our sponsors and learn about the many important products and services they offer.

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As Primary Care physicians, we are offering Internal Medicine services in our private office and also in local hospitals. Our facility has expanded to provide full and robust medical services. We have an in-house phlebotomy service and diagnostic facility that enables us to provide same-day blood tests and vascular ultrasounds (echocardiogram, carotid, and abdominal aorta), so that our patients do not have to leave the facility to complete a physical examination or medical clearance.

Our practice philosophy is one of “patient first”. You will never wait for a very long time, you will always be heard, and your beliefs and feelings will always be the most important consideration to any treatment plan. We always believed that attitude is everything when it comes to a patient’s ability to self-heal, and therefore will never attempt to force or coerce a patient into a treatment plan. We feel that it is our job to diagnose not only the problem, but the source of the disease or disorder. Rather than treat the symptoms of the disease, it is our integrated-humanist philosophy to treat the patient, first, and then together attack the source of the issue.

Location: 21238 Kingsland Blvd Katy, Texas 77459
Phone:(832) 321-4962

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