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Handlebar Bicycle club is honored to be sponsored by Thinking Partners Inc. We value all our sponsors and encourage new sponsorship into our club each year. We urge you to continuing supporting our sponsors and learn about the many important products and services they offer.

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Coaching is a client oriented, strategic relationship.  It is a partnership that focuses on your success. Clients hire Thinking Partners, Inc. to help them:

  • Learn more about themselves as leaders

  • Clarify goals

  • Broaden perspectives

  • Measure achievements

  • Develop strategies

  • Stay accountable

  • Celebrate successes

What do you get?

With Thinking Partners, you will engage thoughtful, experienced business people 100% committed to your success. It is a confidential, respectful relationship. It is our job to facilitate your goals.

We create a safe, confidential environment in which you can consider options, take chances, and lay plans. Are you a procrastinator? We will hold you accountable. Are you dictatorial?  We’ll help you consider feasible alternatives.  Are you lacking clarity?

We ask questions to challenge your thinking, create possibilities, and broaden perspectives.  Some clients, because they are leaders in their field, are initially startled to be challenged. Other clients describe a sense of release and ease as soon as coaching begins. We’ve heard “At last I have someone I can talk to about this!” Either way, we will focus on what is important and what can be done by you and for you.

Learn more about our Code of Ethics

Thinking Partners is an Houston Leadership Coaching Company based in Houston, Texas and has provided career consulting and business consulting services to executives in Houston and throughout the United States.


Bruce M. Anderson
Master Certified Coach

Ken Roseboom
Executive Leadership Coach

Mailing address:
19515 Whispering Breeze Lane, Houston, TX 77094

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