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HBC Rosati’s Poker Ride is a combined club and sponsor event where participants (members) ride their bikes along a designated route with multiple breakpoints requiring riders to select a single poker card at each stop. All rider's must be a current paid member.

The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the ride. Prizes are awarded for the top five best hands and the worst hand along with a general raffle for added prizes. *Non-members are encouraged to ride but cannot participate in the contest, raffle, or winnings. DON'T MISS IT  JOIN  OUR  CLUB NOW

A score card including route map will be given to each qualifying rider prior to the start and must present it at each breakpoint to receive their playing card selection. (RIDER MUST CHOOSE ONLY ONE PLAYING CARD AT EACH BREAKPOINT).

All playing cards will be chosen at the designated breakpoints on
the poker ride route. A bonus route including two additional breakpoints is added to challenge the rider and increase a rider’s winning chances. Breakpoint admins will mark the score card, initial and hand the score card back to the rider. No duplicate playing cards can be selected. Participant must draw an additional playing card if an identical one has previously been drawn and marked on the score card.

Only (5
) playing cards can be selected on the score card for the overall winnings. Two playing cards from the total score card must be eliminated by those riders choosing additional playing cards collected on the bonus route.

Rosati’s Pizza has agreed to host the location for this event and offer a 10% discount to all riders for food and beverages. To streamline the ordering process and timely delivery, a discount code and online pre-order process will be available. A HBC discount code will be sent out to all members prior to the event. We encourage all members to support Rosati’s by inviting friends and family to participate and enjoy lunch. Registration and score card pickup starts at 7:30am. Rollout will begin after the pre-ride shortly afterwards

All breakpoints will have a volunteer managing each card selection, marking, and initializing each participants score card
. Water is provided at two designated breakpoints on the map.

START: Each rider receives a score card. One game card is selected by each rider at the beginning of the ride, filled out and initialized on their score sheet before the start.

BREAKPOINT 1: One game card is selected by each rider and logged to score sheet by admin (2 game cards total)

One game card is selected by each rider and logged to score sheet by admin (3 game cards total). WATER OFFERED.

BREAKPOINT 3: One game card is selected by each rider and logged to score card by admin (4 game cards total). 

From breakpoint 3, Riders can choose to ride to the finish and collect their fifth and final card or ride the bonus route and pick up (2) additional cards increasing their chances for a better overall hand.

BREAKPOINT 4 : (Bonus Route): One game card is selected by each rider and logged to the score sheet by admin (5 game cards total) WATER OFFERED.

BREAKPOINT 5 (Bonus Route): One game card is selected and logged to the score sheet by admin (6 game cards total).

FINISH: One game card is selected by each rider and logged to the score card by admin at the end of the ride (7 game cards total).

All Riders collecting (2) additional cards from the bonus route are required to mark off two of their (7) game card totals to complete the required (5) card selection. All riders must select their final card at the finish and turn in their completed score sheet totals by 11:30am.


A one-time ride waiver must be actively on file or filled out prior to the start of the event.






  • A bicycle in good mechanical and proper working condition.

  • A cycling helmet (MANDATORY!)

  • Front and rear lights are highly recommended

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear. We recommend cycling apparel and foot ware whenever possible however comfortable fitting athletic apparel and sports shoes are acceptable.

  • Proper hydration & nutrition.

  • Spare tube & tube repair kit.

  • Cellular telephone (ICE)

  • No earphones or earbuds (prescription hearing aids are permitted).

Safety is priority one!   We recommend utilizing front and rear blinking lights to increase visibility a multi-tool for adjustments a phone in the event of an emergency and perhaps a cycling computer.

Visit our Handlebar Cycle Club page for information about our club and how you can become a member.


Poker ride route code.png
RWGPS Map GOOD 2.png

If you are not a member please consider joining our team or contact us if you have any questions about our club or further information about this event.

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